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Babymanagement for men


Baby Management for Men is a new approach to inspire men to really take up the challenge of fatherhood. In this unique guide book the young father is the manager who is going to develop a very special ‘product’: his own baby. The book thoroughly answers all questions dads (to be) ask themselves:

  • Financial planning: How much is raising my kid going to cost me?
  • Input: How do I feed the baby?
  • Output: And change his diaper?
  • Automation: Where do I find the best baby phone? And the best baby app?
  • Communication: How do I understand what he is crying about?
  • Planning: How do I find a balance between my work and my personal life?
  • Profit: Will my investment in fatherhood increase my happiness?

logo the times ‘The must-have manual for new fathers’


‘It tells you to be a practical father in really plain and unvarnished language’ (Here you can listen to the interview with author Henk Hanssen and BBC Radio.


logo men's health‘The no-nonsense approach to fatherhood’


‘Very cool to read about babies this way’


logo‘A breakthrough in the literature about babycare’

logo Het_Parool ‘Hanssen shows fathers the way in nappyland’

Author: Henk Hanssen
Illustrator: Erik Prinsen
Translation and adaptation from Dutch: Rogier van Bakel
# pages:
Paperback, color
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: Pinter & Martin Ltd, London
ISBN: 978 1905 177 69 1

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